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Saturday, September 1, 2007

OPINION: Predictions and Upsets

I just got done watching Appalachian State (a Division 1-AA school) upset Michigan who was ranked fifth in the nation. It was the first time a Division 1-AA school defeated a ranked D1-A school. I'm listening to announcers on ESPN saying it is the biggest upset in college football history. It's the first week of the season. And I'm getting to my point.

Michigan's ranking was based on pre-season predictions. It was based on who the so-called experts thought had the best players which would make up the best team.

And the fact that Michigan lost to a team full of D-II players which D-1 schools didn't want just proves that experts can't tell which teams are going to be better than others and which teams will make the playoffs.

The Hockey News picked the Islanders to finish 14th in the East this season. Last year, they picked the Islanders to finish 29th or 30th in the NHL. Well, the Islanders made the playoff last season and 14 other teams didn’t. And the so-called fifth best college football team in America lost to a school who apparently aren’t good enough or big enough to be in the same league as their Blue and Maize opponents.

So much for pre-season predications.

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