Friday, September 14, 2007

CAMP: Dunny, the Coach

Moncton, NB -- Training camp just isn’t a time for players to adjust to the team, but for coaches to adjust as well. The Islanders have three new coaches on their staff this season in Garrard Gallant, John Chabot and Mike Dunham and each are making transitions.

But for Dunny, the adjustment is two fold. He’s getting used to not only not playing, but coaching for the first time as well.

“I definitely didn’t miss the physicals and the fitness tests,” the former goaltender told me on Thursday morning.

And today, you could see that he was making the transition from player to coach with great strides. Dunny was a pleasure to work with last season and it seems like the same will hold true as a coach. And as he said: “Hey, don’t worry… I’m on your side now.”

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