Friday, August 24, 2007

OPINION: I'm Glad for Kevin Colley

I didn’t get to know Kevin Colley that well when he was an Islander, but in every interaction I had with him I could tell he was one of the good guys in hockey. And I haven’t heard otherwise from anyone else. So when I heard he was back in hockey as an assistant coach with the Utah Grizzlies, I was happy. I was happy for him because he got back into hockey after his career was ended too early by a neck injury. And I was happy for hockey because it could use more guys like Kevin Colley.

One night during the 2005-06 season when Colley was on the Islanders roster, he had a few friends come to the Coliseum for a game. He got passes for them to the Islanders’ family room, which you can tell by its name is for the family and close friends of the players and coaches. Long story short, his friends got a little out of hand and started a food fight. Again, long story short, the room was a mess and an Islanders employee stayed late to clean up.

When Colley found out, he not only immensely apologize to Islanders management, he quickly bought flowers to the employee who was stuck cleaning his friends mess. It was the right thing to do and Colley didn’t hesitate to try to fix a wrong.

Kevin Colley might not have been the most skilled hockey player. He certainly wasn’t Sidney Crosby. But he’s truly one of the good people in hockey and the NHL could use a few more guys like him.

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