Monday, August 27, 2007

NOTE: RFA's are A-OK

Not much has been said in regards to the Islanders restricted free agents this summer. The team didn't have too many and the ones we did have, well, have all been signed. And the last piece of that sentence is what matters the most.

Last year, Sean Bergenheim and Denis Grebeshkov were two holdouts for the Islanders. They didn't sign a contract before camp and were not allowed to come back once the team started training. In 2005-06, Mark Parrish almost sat out the season because of his contract. But this season there won't be any talks of holdouts because there isn't anyone to hold out. All of the Islanders RFA's for that matter have been signed and will be in camp this season.

On September 13th when the team flies up to Moncton, you wont hear of talk of which side will blink first or what will happen if the player isn't signed. There will be no RFA distractions. And that's great news for everyone.

Oh... And it helps when no one makes ridiculous offer sheets to your RFA's, too!

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