Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Feuding Owners in Tampa Headline: FEUDING LIGHTNING OWNERS MEET WITH COMMISSIONER BETTMAN

For the past few seasons, it doesn't seem like the Lightning can get it together. Steven Stamkos is a wonderful kid and in the few times I met him, you get the feeling that you want to biuld a franchise around him. But last year they basically hyjaked his rookie season with over-marketing and over-hyping him. The team also let go of a lot good and long-time staffers like PR man and my colleague Jay Preble, but have not replaced them with adequate replacements.

There is no doubt the lockout hurt this franchise more than any other.

The Lightning have a really good arena, a pretty good area surrounding the arena and a fan base that will support the team. Hopefully this ownership group can right the ship after this meeting with the Commissioner and find a way to make it work.

If the team has good leadship from above, then Tampa Bay will become a strong team on the ice again.

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