Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cel-le-brate good time, EH?

So about half the hockey world is up in arms about Alexander Ovechkin's celebration after scoring his 50th goal of the season. The other half – me included – loved it.

What’s so bad about having a little fun on the ice?

AO didn’t taunt anyone in their face. He didn’t hit anyone from behind. He didn’t deliver an elbow to the head of another player. He didn’t rip the helmet off someone in a fight. He didn’t get caught (or take, at least to our limited knowledge) steroids. He didn’t kneecap an old lady walking her cat in the park.

He celebrated a major milestone. He has fun on the ice. Fans in turn have fun watching him play and more importantly, score goals.

Worst of all, he drew some major attention for the NHL. Something our league can’t get enough of.

Everyone needs to back-off Alexander Ovechkin. Is he getting a little cocky? Looks like it from the outside, but he’s the best player in the league right now.

All I know is that the NHL could use a few more Alexander Ovechkin's to promote our great game.

P.s.: If he played for Toronto, I’m sure this would all be different…

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