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Friday, February 27, 2009

What was Thinking…

Fact: At 10:25 PM last night, Chris Botta posted this story on his blog. The story’s title: EXCLUSIVE: GUERIN WILL APPROVE A MOVE

Fact: At 10:30 PM, no one else had this scoop

Fact: At 12:18 AM early this morning, Canada’s sports leader, posted this story on their website. Their title: Source: Islanders' Guerin willing to waive no-move clause

Fact:As of 9:30 AM this morning,’s story did not name their sources. The story’s byline still read: “TSN Staff”.

I’ll continue this blog entry by saying is usually a very reputable source for sports coverage, especially with hockey. It’s hard to match Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger. If either one of them had this story, they would have been credited with it. And rightfully so.

But it’s all too obvious that their source was Botta’s Islanders Point Blank blog. They just didn’t want to credit a blog with the scoop. If Newsday had it, I’m sure they wouldn’t have had a problem with it.

Unfortunately for, this goes right up there with when “the website that will not be named” back-timed a web story on an old Islanders-Flyers trade in December of 2006 so it appeared they broke it when the truth was a press release was sent out before the anonymous one had it.

Fact: should have played this one better.

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