Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joe Callahan’s Trip to Nashville

With Andy Sutton out, Joe Callahan got the call from Bridgeport. But with the inclement weather in the northeast, it didn’t make the birthday boy’s trip to the south an easy one. No. 26 in the programs tonight turned 26 today.

Joe had to leave the greater Bridgeport area at 5:00 AM in a car service which took him approximately 160 miles in some sloppy roads to Philadelphia where he was able to get a direct flight to Nashville.

Would Joe have taken a connecting flight if it meant leaving from one of the NY airports or Boston or Hartford? Yeah, he would have. Were any available? Nope, all sold out.

So Joe got to the hotel at around 1:30 PM, got a quick bite to eat and is probably napping right now. Oh and that was also after Bridgeport defeated Springfield 4-1 last night. Joe was scoreless with one shot on goal.

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