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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Fritz Family Affair

There will be a Fritz Family Reunion on Sunday in Montreal. And no, “Fritz” isn’t French for “Big Man”.

With Mitch being recalled this afternoon by the Islanders, the 6-8 tough-as-they-come forward will be able to take in some football north of the border on Sunday. Sunday happens to be the Grey Cup, which is the championship game in the Canadian Football League. The game just happens to be in Montreal, the same the day the Islanders have a day-off there. The Islanders play in Montreal on Monday versus the Canadiens.

Why is this important to Mitch? Well, his “smaller” brother Luke, who is 6-6 and 300 pounds, just so happens to play for the Montreal Alouettes who are not only hosting the Grey Cup, but participating in it as well.

Mitch confirmed today that his brother is playing in the game and that his family will be in the area. Luke is in his 7th season in the CFL, all with Montreal. In fact, Luke had a tryout with the NY Jets in 2004.

The last time Mitch was up with the Islanders, he was looking at the schedule and noticed the Islanders would be in Montreal the day of the Grey Cup. He knew at the time that his brother was one win away from being in that game and that they would be the favorites to make it. He was hoping to be around for it.

Well, getting in the (way too early) holiday spirit, it looks like it’s a Festivus miracle… or you might be able to say Fritzivus miracle. (Sorry about that one...)

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