Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How the news, if there is any, will get released

On July 1st and at the trade deadline, the Canadian news websites usually get the news out first when something goes down. Whether its agents tipping them off, or they have a mole at the NHL offices, they somehow get it before anything becomes official. But for today and the upcoming weeks, we’ll do our best at Newyorkislanders.com to bring you the news first.

So if all goes according to plan if and when a move happens, we’ll put a breaking news flash up on the website and tip off our friends at Islander Mania. Islanders TV is set up right outside Garth’s office, so if anything should happen, ITV will be there to put up a video interview from the GM himself. We’ll send out press releases to the media outlets and bloggers and we’ll go in depth with a website story as soon as we can.

And if I can, I’ll try to blog what’s going on and give any updates. Who knows, maybe the blog will be the quickest way to get any news – again, if there is any, out there.

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