Monday, May 5, 2008

It should be a good series…

"It should be a good series"… That’s what I caught myself saying to Pittsburgh-native Steve Mears tonight when I asked him how long of a drive is it from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. (About 6 hours, according to him).

But then I stopped myself and thought, it’s the Conference Finals, why wouldn’t it be a good series? Sure, we’ve seen our shares of sweeps, but generally when you get to the best two teams in each conference, you’re going to get some pretty good darn hockey games.

Both Philly and Pittsburgh are coming off Semi-Final series where they dominated for wins in five games. This season, the teams have already played each other eight times with the possibility of seven more times for a remarkable 15 games. They know each other and most definitely have some “issues” with each other.

But, some in the Canadian media are saying it’s an un-sexy series because A) There isn’t a team from north of the border left in the race and B) Prince Sidney and the Pens will win because Sidney is Sidney.

Well, looking at the way Philly tore through Montreal to reach this point, there’s no reason why they can’t make this a good and long series. They’re playing up to the potential that they were built to have.

And give Pittsburgh credit… They could be the complete package. With Sidney and Malkin and Hossa and a kid from Long Island, they have as good of a shot as anyone.

And can anyone say Laraque v. Cote or Gill v. Hatcher

So what does this rambling and nonsense mean? There’s a ton of reasons why Philly/Pitt will be a good series and a fun one to watch. Just because there isn’t a Canadian team in the conference finals, doesn’t mean there isn’t good hockey left.

Pittsburgh in 7.

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