Monday, October 29, 2007

ITV REVIEW: 2 Man Advantage

I’ll admit it. When I first met the crew from the 2 Man Advantage I told Islanders TV’s head honcho Josh Bernstein that I wasn’t a fan of the idea. Well Josh, I’m sorry. You were right, I was wrong and I think you struck gold with this one.

The crew of the 2 Man Advantage consists of four hockey/Islanders fans. They go around with their video cameras and (sometimes with a specific plan) shoot what comes to them. What makes it good is that they make it entertaining.

Example: The 2 Man Advantage made a seven minute show from the Islanders’ home opener versus Buffalo back on October 6. From the pre-gamming in the Coliseum’s parking lot to the post-game car jam in the parking lot to post-game celebration at the LI Marriot (where they actually spent real quality time with Entourage’s Kevin Connolly), they covered all the bases. But what made it good is that they didn’t stick a ‘mic into a fan’s face and asked them questions. They not only interacted with the fans, they partied with them.

Bottom line… It was seven minutes of great TV which words pretty much can’t describe because I still don’t completely get what they did/do. But I know I liked it. And no where else can Islanders fans find this stuff about their own team.

I thought their shows were going to be just OK at best. But you can tell how much hard work the 2 Man Advantage puts into their craft. And we thank them for caring about and help promoting the Orange and Blue. Again, I was wrong and you should definitely check them out on Islanders TV.

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